In 2013, the Charlotte City Council approved the Community Investment Plan (CIP), a comprehensive program for capital improvement projects across the city over the ensuing decade. The plan specified improvements to transportation corridors and neighborhoods and building workforce housing. Funding for the CIP comes primarily from issuing bonds with the approval of city voters. Four separate bond referenda totaling more than $800 million are to be put to a vote. (For a short video about the CIP, please click here.)

In 2014, city voters approved the first such funding package totaling $145.9 million for streets (70%), housing (63%) and neighborhood improvements (71%).


The Retreat at Renaissance

On November 8, voters will consider the second bond referendum to fund CIP, totaling $218.44 million. Approval of these bonds will not result in additional tax increases for Charlotte residents. These funds will be used to:

  • Upgrade and enhance transportation and infrastructure ($148.44 million)
  • Build housing for low- to moderate-income individuals and families ($15 million)
  • Improve infrastructure in the city’s older neighborhoods and emerging high-growth areas ($55 million)

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