There are nine projects designated in the South/East totaling $295.9 million. Six new schools are to be built including a new high school to alleviate overcrowding at South Mecklenburg, Ardrey Kell and Myers Park high schools, and two new elementary schools to relieve overcrowding at six existing campuses. Bonds approval will continue the intensive school construction program in the fast-growing area, upgrading aging facilities, modernizing classrooms and delivering more academic options for CMS families. Projects include renovations on two aging high school campuses, Garinger and East Mecklenburg, both more than 50 years old. In addition to the nine projects in this package, the South/East area received funding for 15 projects in the past two bond campaigns.


High school
Relieve South Mecklenburg, Ardrey Kell and Myers Park


Elementary school
Relieve Windsor Park, Winterfield and Idlewild


Elementary school
Relieve Bain, Lebanon Road and Piney Grove



Briarwood Elementary School
Built 1956 with 28 classrooms; 57% over capacity; new 45-classroom school


Lansdowne Elementary School; relieve Elizabeth Lane Elementary School
Built 1959 with 32 classrooms; 9% over capacity; new 45-classroom school


Shamrock Gardens Elementary School
Built 1954 with 30 classrooms; new 45-classroom school



East Mecklenburg High School
Renovate or replace three buildings, built 1949-56, to support exceptional children, world languages, arts and English


Garinger High School
Renovate 20-30 classrooms, kitchen and cafeteria built in 1959


Phase One of career and technical education upgrades at Garinger High School
Upgrades and access to career and technical education, including culinary, automotive and cosmetology offerings (Olympic, Harding and South Mecklenburg high schools also included in project cost)




East Mecklenburg High School
Addition of a multi-story 30-classroom building

Garinger High School
First phase to enhance Career and Technical Education offerings including automotive, carpentry, culinary, cosmetology and horticulture

Independence High School
First phase to enhance Career and Technical Education offerings including automotive, carpentry, culinary, cosmetology and horticulture

New Kindergarten – 8th Grade STEAM Magnet
New STEAM (Science, Technology,Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) magnet program to provide relief for Community House and J.M. Robinson middle schools as well as the elementary schools that feed them

New Language Immersion Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade
New 54-classroom K-8 magnet school to provide relief for Albemarle Road elementary and middle schools, and other adjacent elementary schools

Northridge Middle School
Addition of 14-classroom building

Oakhurst Elementary School
Repurpose current facility to serve as a full STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) magnet program


Bain Elementary School
39-classroom replacement elementary school

East Mecklenburg High School
Renovated auditorium and adjacent classrooms including MEP, seating, acoustical and theatrical systems

Garinger High School
New science building, renovations to the gym and locker rooms; track resurfacing, synthetic field and exterior lighting

Independence High School
Addition/renovation to PE and athletic spaces as well as administrative and support areas

Joseph W. Grier Academy
Pre-K addition incorporated into new ES#5 (Hickory Grove relief)

McClintock Middle School
54-classroom replacement middle school

New Hickory Grove Relief
New 39-classroom elementary school (Hickory Grove ES relief) Pre-K classroom wing

Rocky River High School
New 99-classroom high school (Butler/E.Meck/Independence HS relief)