There are 13 projects designated in the South/West totaling $463.3 million. Seven new schools are to be built including two elementary schools to relieve overcrowding at six existing campuses, a new K-8 to replace Collinswood Language Academy, which was built in 1959, and a new high school to relieve overcrowding at Olympic. Bonds approval will continue the intensive school construction program in the fast-growing area, upgrading aging facilities, modernizing classrooms and delivering more academic options for CMS families. Projects include additions on six campuses and new magnet and career and technical education offerings. In addition to the 13 projects in this package, the South/West area received funding for 19 projects in the past two bond campaigns.


Elementary school
Relieve Elon Park, Hawk Ridge and Polo Ridge


Elementary school
Relieve Nations Ford, Sterling and Steele Creek


High school
Relieve South Mecklenburg, Ardrey Kell and Myers Park


High school
Relieve Olympic High School


K-8 language immersion magnet
On site at former Nations Ford Elementary School



Collinswood Language (K-8) replacement on site with Smith Family Center
Built 1959 with 23 classrooms; 87% over capacity; new 63-classroom school


Montclaire Elementary School
Built 1958 with 24 classrooms; 33% over capacity; new 45-classroom school



E.E. Waddell to reopen as magnet high school
Reopen as 71-classroom school; expand access to magnet program


Harding High School
Renovate or replace gym and kitchen built in 1961 and cafeteria built in 1969


Phase One of career and technical education upgrades at Olympic, Harding and South Mecklenburg high schools
Upgrades and access to career and technical education, including culinary, automotive and cosmetology offerings (Garinger High School also included in project cost)


Sharon Elementary School
Add 15-20 classrooms; eliminate mobiles; expand enrollment capacity


South Mecklenburg High School
Replace two aging buildings with 30-classroom building to support career and technical education, ROTC, arts, social studies and world languages


West Mecklenburg High School
Renovate or replace gym built in 1954




Ashley Park/Bruns Avenue/Walter G. Byers/Reid Park/Westerly Hills Academies
Second phase of conversions of each of former elementary schools to Pre-Kindergarten – 8th grade facilities; upgrades to the core facilities including gymnasium, cafeteria, exploratory and arts classrooms, and technology classrooms

Myers Park High School
Replace three classroom buildings with 50-classroom multi-story building and renovate cafeteria

Nations Ford Elementary School
Replacement school on the E.E. Waddell Academy campus

New Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade School
New 54-classroom PK-8 to provide relief for Berryhill School and Reid Park Academy

Northwest School of the Arts
Complete renovation of the auditorium; comprehensive renovation of a multi-story classroom building

Olympic High School
Construction of 20-classroom addition; renovation of auditorium

Selwyn Elementary School
Renovate classroom building and expand parking and play areas

South Mecklenburg High School
Replace the two oldest buildings on the campus with 30-classroom building and renovate cafeteria

Starmount Elementary School
Restore elementary school, providing relief for Huntingtowne Farms and Montclaire elementary schools

West Mecklenburg High School
First phase to enhance Career and Technical Education offerings including automotive, carpentry, culinary, cosmetology and horticulture


Alexander Graham Middle School
Lighting, ceilings, mechanical and electrical systems, renovation/upgrade to gymnasium

Berewick Elementary School
New 39-classroom elementary school; joint use agreement with Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation Department funded a full-size gymnasium and additional office space (Berryhill/Steele Creek ES relief)

Hawthorne High School
Full renovation to incorporate Medical Magnet including plumbing & mechanical upgrades

Myers Park High School
New gym; renovations to existing gym

Olympic High School
New stadium, field house and track, install synthetic turf

Palisades Park Elementary School
New 39-classroom elementary school

Pineville Elementary School
39-classroom replacement elementary school

River Gate Elementary School
New 39-classroom elementary school (Winget Park/Lake Wylie ES relief)

West Mecklenburg High School
New stadium, field house and track, install synthetic turf